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This form is so that you can send a message to the webmaster of Mighty female muscle comix using the Secure Server. Of course, you can send an ordinary email, but if you want to send, for example, credit card details, this form is secure.

If you send an email, then your mailer tells me the return address so that I can answer you. But if you use this form, then unless I have your current address on record, I won't be able to answer if an answer is needed.

So, first of all, please give your email address, in case I do need to answer or ask you some question about your message. If you don't give a working email address, and I can't understand your message, then I can't do anything about it, and I can't email you to ask you for clarification.

Current email address

Next, for most things, I need to work out who you are in order to take the necessary action. If you're on my list, then I have all the details that you gave when you signed up. So, tell me your name, or the email address you gave, or the credit card number you gave, or something so that I can identify you. Because if I can't identify you, I can't do what is needed.


OK. Now tell me what you want. If it is to use a new credit card number, please give the card number, the expiry date and the security number (it's on the signature strip on the back).